My Top 5 Strategies for Building Massive Groups & Monetizing Them!

Written by Joseph Lazukin
September 7, 2018

These are my top 5 strategies for building massive groups and monetizing off those groups effectively! Enjoy!

If any of you own any charities, e-commerce stores, subscription sites, or simply informational blogs, you can implement the following tactics to grow and monetize :

1 – After they donate, subscribe, or purchase something both on the thank you page and on the receipt email, place a button linking to the group with a same description of the value of joining. This will hands down explode your group by a percentage of your site traffic (potentially even thousands)!

2 – Drive facebook ads to a landing page about your group and the value of joining it, it may sound silly but I work with several multi-million dollar companies, and one of the biggest trends I’ve seen for propelling growth, is social selling. Encouraging them to join a community, adding value to that community in the form of various perks or exclusive information, and then exclusively selling from that community. This too will vastly grow your list.

3 – Email journalists writing about similar stories to your group and use an example or quote some a topic you’ve debated in your group in relations to one of their stories. This will build a relationship with them and should if you manage the relationship appropriately get your group mentioned or featured in the press. Remember journalists are just people with an interesting job title, treat them like you would any one of your members.

4 – Comment on a brand’s page’s status with a screenshot of your group talking about something relevant to the topic of their status

🙂 if that brand’s social media department is any good they’ll want to contact you for a promotion (aka money) but because you didn’t outright ask them for a promotion and you did so by the tactic above it gives you positioning to set the rate because they came to you vs you going to them.

Power positioning is important, and the statistics Facebook recently gave you about your group in their most recent update are incredibly powerful engagement statistics to share with would be advertisers for justifying any promotional posts. Additionally creating formal documents with tiers and other engagement statistics as well as ROI on any past promotions is a great way to increase your rate over time. Make sure not to over do this and damage your group, 2-3 a month MAX and write it in your own words, and make it engaging – less obtrusive.

5 – Planning social events, while it’s not going to make you a millionaire, it will pay the bills.

Host community events for your group and have them pay $20 or something like that where food will be provided. It’ll likely only cost you $10 or less, and you’ll make a small spread. If you can find a product sponsor for the event, you can charge more, for instance if I had a golf group like one of the guys at the event, I’d organize an event at top golf, where I’d also have a sponsor pay for part of the overhead, and give free product in the form of golf balls, tees, or preferably a golf bag / visor and charge $50-75 per person and advertise it to the group.

which will both build the group community by engaging the members and helping you as an admin profit. For charity groups, the opposite would be true. Partnering with Top Golf, a bowling alley, arcade, etc. itself and bringing your members and asking for a 10% discount for your members and 10%-20% of the proceeds to your charity would also yield a path to monetization while also growing your group at the same time.

If you have any questions on how to monetize, please feel free to message me or  leave a comment below…


Joseph Lazukin
Joseph is a CRO specialist, marketing strategist, and public speaker that works exclusively with medium to large brands focusing on customer experience, cart abandonment recovery, international branding strategies and viral growth campaigns.

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My Top 5 Strategies for Building Massive Groups & Monetizing Them!

Learn how you can monetize massive groups using my Top 5 Strategies - perfect for e-commerce stores, subscription sites, and even simple blogs
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