Improve the Quality of Data Your Facebook Pixel Gathers

Written by Joseph Lazukin
September 7, 2018

If you’ve EVER done Facebook ads, you’ve heard about the Facebook pixel. If you haven’t, you best look it up RIGHT now because it will make a world of difference for your conversions when setup properly.

However this is where 90% of marketers get it wrong, even the “gurus” and it’s not necessarily their fault, they just aren’t technical.

The first thing everyone does with the pixel is they put it in the header of their website so Facebook starts tracking who clicks through from your Facebook ads and (if you set it up properly) who hits certain events, such as adding an item to cart, an upsell, or check out page.

Now this is how you get a C level grade from me on your Facebook pixel integration. Sure you’ll see an improvement in your conversions but you’re quite a few percentage points away from being optimized.

So without turning this into a course on how to fully integrate Facebook Pixels the right way, I want you to wrap your Facebook pixel javascript in the following code :

setTimeout(function(){ *insert Facebook pixel code here* }, 3000);

Now you are probably wondering what the above does… well it delays the Facebook pixel from firing by 3 seconds.

Why is this important?

Well if you’ve ever done any kind of marketing online, then you’re familiar with the terms “bounce” and “bounce rate”, it’s those cheeky fellas who hit your website from google or an ad and immediately leave within seconds of hitting it. However your Facebook pixel doesn’t know better, and there has been several studies on the subject, and ineffectively markets your retargeting ads and future campaigns off the belief that this person is interested in your product. The truth is, bouncers like this include spammers, click jackers, and even some bots, all pointless traffic that you are now directly marketing to and getting charged impression traffic (and clicks) on follow up traffic, and at scale can cost you hundreds to thousands a month.

So by delaying the pixel from firing, you are able to omit those people from those results, now the above is a very RUDIMENTARY way of omitting these people but even with the code above you will directly see a few percentages of increase within the next 30 days as your pixel adapts to deliver ads to the RELEVANT people who are actually interested in your product or service.

I personally like to go full nerd (I have 12 years of software experience) and set it up to where it checks if they scroll or press down on the mouse before firing the Facebook pixel instead of a simple timeout above. Additionally I setup tag events for the pixel to trigger, so I pass through what products are added to the cart, triggers when people scroll past a CTA section on a page, and much more… and while you might not be able to do that without programming experience or a hybrid programmer who understands marketing, you will see improvement with the one-liner above.

The end result?

You will start having re-targeting campaigns where you are paying less than a penny per engagement and less than 0.05 or 0.10 cents per conversion depending on the type of end product or service offer.

I teach all of these things and more in my marketing group.

If you have any questions on how to optimize your pixel, please feel free to message me or leave a comment below…

( PS : Be sure to read this article as well – as it covers a major mistake companies make when setting up the Facebook pixel! )


Joseph Lazukin
Joseph is a CRO specialist, marketing strategist, and public speaker that works exclusively with medium to large brands focusing on customer experience, cart abandonment recovery, international branding strategies and viral growth campaigns.

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