My Top 5 Ways to 10X Your Facebook Lives

Written by Joseph Lazukin
September 7, 2018

Here are the top 5 tips on how to 10X your Facebook Live following :

#1 Create a mobile optimized landing page that is SUPER simple, literally don’t distract people, and make sure that the “OPT IN” form to follow you is big and doesn’t require people scroll down to see it.

#2 Make sure that on that landing page you stress getting their phone number, I’ve discovered that going live while using the SMS broadcast feature, DRASTICALLY increases engagement. Consider for a moment you have an SMS list of 5,000 you go live and they get alerted while you’re live. Your viewership and engagement SKYROCKETS, and Facebook will recognize that and push that feed up in the results of other people’s feeds where your feed is currently posted. If any of those 5,000 comment which is HIGHLY likely during the broadcast (or even after) your video is now in the feed of all their friends, and let’s just say the “average” Facebook user (and let’s low ball it) has 300 friends. That’s 1.5 MILLION people who’ve now been exposed to your brand, face, and video. Sure not everyone will click to watch it, but if you go live consistently people will start to wonder who you are, which brings me to my next point.

#3 BE CONSISTENT, CONSISTENT, CONSISTENT!!! When you go live go live at a consistent time, don’t reinvent the wheel, it’s worked for YouTube celebrities, even comedians like Nicole Arbour go live on Facebook according to a schedule. It makes your audience accustomed to seeing you at that time, and will even make them LOOK FOR YOU when they don’t happen to see your feed, because they know you’re always delivering value on that day or time.

#4 Do not forget to mention for people to SHARE and OPT IN if they got value! This is the simplest strategy in the book that you can do in order to get more shares, engagement, and growth. Don’t underestimate simplicity.

#5 DO NOT BE A PITCH QUEEN! Do not constantly pitch a product or service in every live broadcast you do. It’ll seem too mechanical, too dis-genuine, and you’ll actually DAMAGE your list and following by doing so. So CREATE VALUE, share tips, give access to FREE trials, give away FREE knowledge that people can actually use and get some takeaway value from, hell you could even give away something every webinar, to incentivize people to watch your feed every day, and what is the best VALUE add to give for most speakers!? Knowledge! It doesn’t have to be something pricey, something as simple as a popular e-book like “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” “The 4 Hour Work Week” etc, are all great books rich with knowledge that your following would appreciate it.

Last but not least, TAKE THE TIME to engage with your audience, that’s what generates more comments, and more organic outreach. When your live broadcast finishes, hop on to the comment section and reply to your following, even if it’s a simple thank you for watching. People who engage with their fans/following go infinitely more viral quicker because their following feels validated/valued in return, and when people feel good about something they’ll most definitely share it, share you, and your brand…and that’s the end goal right?

So go forth and conquer! Use this advice to 10x your following, both on and off Facebook, and when you see success, show some appreciation and share this post.



Joseph Lazukin
Joseph is a CRO specialist, marketing strategist, and public speaker that works exclusively with medium to large brands focusing on customer experience, cart abandonment recovery, international branding strategies and viral growth campaigns.

My Top 5 Ways to 10X Your Facebook Lives

My top 5 strategies to improve your Facebook Lives 10X by using landing pages, social proof, and habits

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