Ditch Your Excuses and Do Something Great (For Entrepreneurs)

Written by Joseph Lazukin
September 7, 2018

If spending 500$ is a problem in your life, and your best excuse for being broke is that you’re “in school”, congratulations your best excuse in a few years will be “I just graduated” and a few years later when reality hits you with a few kids it’ll be, “I just had kids”.

My point is this…we’re 18,19,20, 22, maybe even 25, there is no GREATER opportunity than right now to start building how the rest of your life will be. You have virtually no obligations. You don’t have any kids, you probably aren’t paying for your own dogs, and hell you have at least 5-10 years at best before you have to worry about any of those things in your life, and your parents are still probably in some way helping you pay bills, or are paying for everything for you at this point. WAKE UP.

When you have kids, your ability to take risk and take control of your own life goes right out the window. RIGHT NOW you can afford to take a risk and fail, because you can deal with eating ramen a few nights in a row. Don’t waste these next 5-10 years being like EVERYONE else, partying over being average and mediocre, struggling with bills like 76% of America (see Forbes.com) who LITERALLY live paycheck to paycheck.

What are your DREAMS? ASPIRATIONS? Well guess what, before you answer that, IT DOESN’T MATTER, unless you do something about it. NOBODY grows up, and says to themselves, “You know what I want to be BROKE, UNHEALTHY, and WORK 9-5 FOR SOMEBODY ELSE making THEIR DREAMS come true every day for the rest of my life.”


Unless you shelve the excuses, and get to work RIGHT NOW, your future is about as bright as the majority of people out there in the CORPORATE world you’re about to throw yourself into, which is BROKE, living paycheck to paycheck, and having to ask another HUMAN being whether you have enough “VACATION DAYS” so that can take your family on vacation.

I’m sorry but we are YOUNG, we still have our whole lives ahead of us to dedicate to the actualization, and aspirations of our DREAMS and GOALS.

Think about it the next time you listen to a teacher who’s supposed to educate you on the world, reads to you and all your classmates out of an overpriced textbook. Think about it when you graduate as equally qualified as the thousands of other graduates walking down the aisle to receive their debt-incurring diplomas. Think about it the next time you get turned down at a decent paying job, for “lack of experience”, and move back in with your parents. Think about it the next time you wake up, and every morning you’re about to walk through your bedroom door.

The actions you take today, will craft a lifetime, and remember…

“Anything easily earned, is never truly valued.”

If you can drill through hours into piles of homework and survive thousands of hours of teachers rambling on the same routine-istic lessons they’ve preached and regurgitated for the last 30 years of their career, you can survive anything, overcome any obstacle, and defy any expectation.

The only thing holding YOU back from here and where you want to be is YOU. Start asking questions, start living, and change the world.


Joseph Lazukin
Joseph is a CRO specialist, marketing strategist, and public speaker that works exclusively with medium to large brands focusing on customer experience, cart abandonment recovery, international branding strategies and viral growth campaigns.

Ditch Your Excuses and Do Something Great (For Entrepreneurs)

Stop making excuses. This blog's for people who are feeling lost knowing that they want and deserve more, but are having trouble getting started.
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